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Defending Your Rights

Dealing with an arrest is frightening. If you are prosecuted after being arrested or receiving an appearance ticket, you run the risk of jail, loss of your license, job loss, court supervision, and the loss of your property. In fact, you can lose your home, job, professional license, driver’s license, and your freedom at the first court appearance. A criminal conviction leads to a permanent criminal record and can have many other life-altering consequences.

Getting your case dismissed is our top priority. At the Law Office of Elmosa & Associates, you will find talented and hard-working lawyers dedicated to the defense of people charged with a crime in Cook County, Dupage and the Will county area. We are experienced criminal defense attorneys who bring a unique point of view to your case. We have successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases and we draw on our wide experience and background in criminal law. Specializing in Misdemeanors and felony’s, we offer the resources and experience to handle any legal problem with unmatched service and personal attention.


We are prepared to respond to your case at once and take all the proper steps to ensure the best response to your charges. No two cases are the same and so our strong track record of success shows our ability to find a way to get our client’s charges dismissed or reduced time and time again The Law Offices of Elmosa & Assocites consistent record of success has earned us respect throughout the Chicago area court houses and with the judges and prosecutors with whom we work.


For our clients, a criminal charge is a terrifying disruption in their daily routine. Many are unable to sleep or concentrate at work. After meeting with us during the initial consultation, our clients often report finding peace of mind. Criminal defense is about more than the system, law, or best/worst case outcomes. It is about you. It is about getting you back to the life that you had before the arrest. During the initial consultation, we are able to give our clients an honest view of their situation and uncover defenses that our clients often didn’t realize existed. This is because a winning defense is often buried in the facts of the case. In one of our client’s cases, we were able to get a dismissal by pointing out several problems with the State’s case. In another, we were able to get a dismissal by focusing on one serious problem in the State’s case. Although every case is different, the path to success and getting you back to where you were before your arrest starts with your initial free consultation.



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